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Welcome to the new Pocket-Sushi.com!

Welcome to the new Pocket-Sushi.com!

Many of my products are now being outsourced (pins, acrylic charms, etc) and it was time I set up a separate shop for them, since Etsy is very handmade-focused. They do allow mass-manufactured goods so as long as the seller designed the product and does the fulfillment, but it's still some what of a grey area.

Anyway--welcome! Moving forward new non-handmade designs will be sold here. I will still carry some of the older ones over at my Etsy shop, but eventually I would like to consolidate them all here, while keeping all the handmade work at Etsy.

Hmm, other news... Anthrocon was a couple weekends ago! I had a blast and met so many new people! Thanks to everyone who stopped by my table in the Dealers Room, too!

This may or may not be the last year I do AC, since it's very likely that we're moving to the West Coast early next year and traveling all the way back to Pittsburgh for a three-day event might not be feasible (especially so soon after a big move). But, who knows! Artists travel all the time to sell at cons and I might just end up doing that. :)

Also: in case you aren't following me on social media (and why aren't you?!), I'm happy to report that my second Kickstarter was a glowing success! Pocket Sushi now has its first plush toy, Mewsubi the Musubi Cat!

This little guy is currently available for preorder at preorder.musubicat.com, along with several other new products, like a set of Hawaii food-inspired enamel pins. Preorder now to snag yourself a free vinyl sticker! Pre-ordering ends on July 27th, so there isn't much time left!!!

That's it for now. I guess I'll be using this blog for more announcements, like new products and the like. Stay in touch by subscribing to the RSS feed or to the new Pocket Sushi newsletter!

Thanks for reading!

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