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Now on Twitch!

Pocket Sushi is now on Twitch! If you're a fan of my crochet work or just want to see what I'm working on, head on over to my Twitch channel and subscribe to be notified when I go live! Currently, my schedule allows me to live stream my work every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday from 12:30 - 2:00pm EST (though I go live a bit earlier than this to set things up). Join the chat and hang out with fellow Pocket Sushi fans! I also have a YouTube channel where I post weekly videos about various projects ranging from crochet to merch development. Subscribe there too to get more Pocket Sushi in your life! :)

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Patreon Pin Club + GaoKon 2018

Hey, friends! How's it going? Time for some updates on Pocket Sushi! Patreon Pin Club A few years ago I had a Patreon that I tried to use to provide fans with a way to continue to passively support my work. There were rewards, like access to my original crochet videos, exclusive amigurumi, and even a monthly grab bag. However, it wasn't very successful and ate up more than was worth my time and I closed it in late 2016.  Now I'm trying Patreon again. This time, however, I will be using it primarily as a pin-of-the-month/pin club. For a $15+ monthly pledge you will receive a brand-new 1" hard enamel pin, plus a few patron exclusives like stickers and early access to...

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Welcome to the new Pocket-Sushi.com!

Many of my products are now being outsourced (pins, acrylic charms, etc) and it was time I set up a separate shop for them, since Etsy is very handmade-focused. They do allow mass-manufactured goods so as long as the seller designed the product and does the fulfillment, but it's still some what of a grey area. Anyway--welcome! Moving forward new non-handmade designs will be sold here. I will still carry some of the older ones over at my Etsy shop, but eventually I would like to consolidate them all here, while keeping all the handmade work at Etsy. Hmm, other news... Anthrocon was a couple weekends ago! I had a blast and met so many new people! Thanks to everyone who stopped by my table in...

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