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Show your support and purchase your PRIDE merch from small businesses run by members of the LGBTQ+ community! Every product here was designed by the shop owner, a queer trans man of color, and all profits go directly towards his basic living and gender-affirming needs.

About Us

Pocket Sushi is a one-man kawaii crafts & indie merch operation based out of Seattle, WA, USA.

It started off as an Etsy store in 2012, selling handmade amigurumi (crochet dolls), and eventually expanded to its own dedicated storefront and now also offers unique charms, pins, stickers, and plush toys.

JT is a queer trans man of Filipino descent and the sole creator & operator of Pocket Sushi.

He works as a full-time web developer, part-time crafter, and free-time illustrator. Born & raised in Hawaii, he often uses its incredibly diverse culture as inspiration for Pocket Sushi's products.